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Ebook 2

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This book contains Meanings of More than 1400 Advanced English Words
(including phrasal verbs and idioms)

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Advanced English Words


("sb"  implies  somebody,   "sth"   implies  something)


abase yourself   to accept sb’s power over you

knuckle under to sb/sth   to accept sb/sth else’s authority

submissive   too willing to accept sb else’s authority

subservient to sth   submissive, less important than sth else


abashed   ashamed and embarrassed

bashful   shy and easily embarrassed

put sb on the spot   to make sb feel embarrassed by asking difficult question


about turn / volte face   complete change of opinion, etc.

turn about   sudden and complete change in sth


abstemious   not allowing yourself to have much food or alcohol or enjoyable activities

austere   without any decorations; (of a person) strict and serious; abstemious


ad-lib   to give a speech or a performance without preparation or practice

improvise   to make or do sth using whatever is available, to ad-lib


abuse   unfair or cruel treatment of sb/sth

oppress   to treat sb cruelly, to weigh down

persecute   to treat sb cruelly


acclaim   to praise sb publicly, praise and approval

commendation / plaudits   praise and approval


accolade   praise or award of honour

laurels   honour and praise given to sb because of sth they have achieved


acrid   bitter smell or taste

acrimony   bitter feelings or words


adolescent   young person who is developing from a child into an adult

teens   years of a person’s life when they are between 13 and 19 years old


affected   pretended

disaffected   unsatisfied


affront   to insult or offend sb

take umbrage at sth   to feel offended or upset by sth


aft   in the stern of the  ship or aircraft

abaft   in the stern of a ship

stern   the back end of a boat or ship


agglomeration   group of things put together in no particular order

conglomeration   mixture of different things found all together


a la carte   food which is selected from the list of dishes and prices

table d’ hot   plate of food with fixed price


agnosia   inability to recognize people and things

analgesia   loss of the ability to feel pain while still conscious

apoplexy   inability to feel, move because of injury in the brain

asphyxia   difficulty in breathing which may cause death or unconsciousness

dyslexia   difficulty in reading and spelling but no effect in intelligence


agoraphobia   fear of being in the crowd

claustrophobia   fear of being in a small confined place


alimony   money, which is given to former husband or wife after the end of the marriage

palimony   money which is given to former partner after the end of a relationship


altercation   noisy argument or disagreement

argy-bargy   noisy disagreement


alumna   former woman student

alumnus   former male student


amble / saunter / stroll   to walk in a slow relaxed way

ramble   to walk for pleasure


amorous   showing sexual desire and love toward sb

eros   sexual desire or love


androgen   male sex hormone eg testosterone

oestrogen   female sex hormone


animosity / antagonism / animus   feeling of hostility

enmity / loathing   feeling of hatred


anorexia nervosa   condition, in which sb stops eating because of the fear of being fat

bulimia   condition, in which sb repeatedly eats too much and then vomit


arrant / stark / utter   used to emphasize

sheer   utter, very steep


artifice   clever tricks to cheat sb

wiles   clever tricks to get sth


artiste   professional actor, singer, or dancer

troupe   group of actors, singers, dancers, who work together


atone (for sth)   to do sth to show you are sorry for having done sth wrong

penance (for sth)   an act done to show you are sorry for having done sth wrong

compunction / remorse  a guilty feeling about doing sth wrong


attic / loft   a space or room just below the roof of a house

garret   small dark unpleasant room at the top of a house


averse to sth / averse to doing sth   not liking sth or wanting to do sth

aversion   strong feeling of not liking sb/sth


awe   feelings of respect and slight fear

overawe   to impress sb so much that they feel nervous or frightened


awfully / terribly   very, very much, very badly

devilishly   extremely, very

eminently   (used to emphasize sth positive) extremely, very

enormously   very, very much

exceedingly   extremely, very, very much

excruciatingly   extremely painful or bad

fabulously   extremely

fiendishly  extremely, very


backpack / rucksack   a bag, carried on the back and used during climbing or walking

knapsack   small rucksack

haversack   a bag, carried on the back or over the shoulder


badmouth   to say unpleasant things about sb

vilify   to say or write unpleasant things about sb


baleful   threatening

baneful   evil or causing evil


bam! / wham!   used when sth unexpected happens suddenly

poof!   used when talking about sth disappearing suddenly


bandana   brightly coloured cloth worn around the neck or head

choker   jewellery or band of cloth around the neck


bash   to hit sb/sth very hard, to criticize

bash / jamboree   large party or celebration


basket case   country or organization whose economic situation is very bad

bread basket   agricultural land


batty / nutty   slightly crazy

doolally / nuts   crazy


beau   boy friend

fella   man, sb’s boyfriend


beforehand   in advance

behindhand   late


behold   to look at or see sb/sth

have/take a gander at sth   to look at sth

pore over sth   to look at or read sth carefully


bejewelled   wearing jewellery

bewigged   wearing a wig

bespectacled   wearing spectacles


besmirch   to damage sb’s reputation

slur   unfair remark to damage sb’s reputation


the best part of sth   most of sth

the better part of sth   more than half of sth


betrothal   engagement

betrothed   engaged


bicentenary / bicentennial   200th anniversary

quincentenary   500th anniversary


biggie   important person, thing, event

big-wig   important person


billboard   hoarding

billfold   wallet


billing   position

standing   position or reputation

station   social position


bitchy   saying unpleasant things about sb

catty   saying unpleasant things about sb, spiteful


blabber   to talk in a silly or annoying way

blather   to talk continuously

yap   to bark a lot, to talk in a silly or annoying way


blasted / dashed / the deuce / the dickens   used to express annoyance

the heck   used to express annoyance or surprise

by Jove   used to express surprise or  to emphasize a statement

golly   used to express surprise

upon my word   used to express surprise

Heavens / Good Heavens / God in heaven / good God / my God / in Heaven’s name / in God’s name  used to express surprise, shock, anger or annoyance

jeepers / jeepers creepers    used to express surprise or shock

catch sb napping   to surprise sb

sb’s jaw dropped / sb’s jaw sagged   suddenly surprised, shocked

dumbfounded / nonplussed / gobsmacked   unable to speak because of surprise

quizzical   slightly surprised or amused


blaze a trail   to be a pioneer

trail blazer   pioneer


blench   to react to sth in a frightened way

flinch (at sth)   to make a sudden movement with the face or body due to pain, fear, etc.


blitzkrieg   sudden military attack to win a quick victory

incursion   sudden attack by foreign army

putsch   sudden attempt to remove a government by force


bloom   a flower

blossom   a flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a fruit tree or bush


blooper   embarrassing mistake that you make in public

clanger / pratfall   embarrassing mistake

bloop   to make a mistake

blunder / slip-up   careless mistake

bloomer   mistake


blub / blubber / sob   to cry

sob your heart out   to cry very much


blue-collar   who does physical work in industry

pink-collar   woman who does low paid jobs in office, restaurant


blur   sth you cannot see or remember clearly

fuzzy   blurred

muzzy   unable to think in a clear way


befuddled / bemused / garbled / muddled   confused

baffle / befog / bewilder / flummox / muddle sb up / mystify   to confuse sb

bamboozle   to confuse sb, especially by tricking them

in a daze   in a confused state


boisterous /  rambunctious / rumbustious   noisy and full of life and energy

full of beans/life   of a person, having a lot of energy


boor / skank / swine   unpleasant person

skanky   unpleasant


give sb the boot   to dismiss sb from job

pink-slip   letter given to sb to leave their job


the bottom line   essential point in a discussion, etc.

the nub of sth / the crux of sth   essential point of sth

the nitty-gritty   most important details of sth


bourgeois   belonging to the middle class; supporting capitalism

the bourgeoisie   middle classes in society; (politics) capitalist class

petite bourgeoisie   lower middle classes in society


bovine   cattle like

canine   dog like

equine   horse like

feline   cat like

ovine   sheep like

piscine   fish like

porcine   pig like

vulpine   fox like


bracing   of weather cold but pleasantly

brisk   quick; of weather, cold but pleasantly fresh


brash   confident in a rude, noisy or aggressive way

cheeky   rude in amusing or annoying way


break in   to enter a building by force

burgle   to enter a building illegally


bric-a-brac   cheap ornament and small decorative objects

trinket   cheap piece of jewellery or small decorative objects


brief   to inform

debrief   to question sb


brim   the top edge of a cup, bowl, glass, etc.

brim (with sth)   to be full of sth; to fill sth


brine   very salty water for preserving food

briny / brackish   salty


bring off / carry off /  pull off   to succeed in doing sth difficult

round off / wrap up   to finish sth in an acceptable way


brook   small river

beck / runnel   stream

creek / rivulet   small river or stream


bumbling   behaving in awkward, confused way

fumbling   awkward, hesitating, uncertain


bunting   coloured flags, paper, etc.

confetti   coloured papers, which are thrown over marrying couple


burn-out   physically or mentally very tired

worn out   damaged, very tired


butter-fingers   who often drops things

cack-handed person   who often drops or breaks things or does sth badly


cadaverous   pale, thin and looking ill

drawn looking man   pale and thin


calling / vocation   work or way of life suitable for you

vocation for sth   belief that a particular work or way of life is suitable for you


camisole   women’s undershirt

smock   long shirt worn by women


canine   one of the four pointed teeth at the front of the mouth

incisor   one of the eight sharp teeth at the front of the mouth used for biting

molar   one of the twelve large teeth at the back of the mouth used for chewing food

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