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Ebook 3

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This book contains Meanings of More than 3400 Advanced English Words
(including phrasal verbs and idioms)

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Learn Difficult English Words - A


("sb"  implies  somebody,   "sth"   implies  something)


abate   to become, or make sth less strong

abed   in bed

aberrant   not socially acceptable

abet   to help, or encourage sb to do sth wrong

in abeyance   not being used for a period of time

ablutions   act of washing yourself

aboard   on a ship, plane, bus etc.

abode   where sb lives

abolition   ending of sth

abominate   to feel hatred, or disgust

abomination   extremely unpleasant, disgusting

abortive   unsuccessful

above board   legal and honest; in a legal and honest way

abridge   to make book, etc. shorter

absent minded   forgetful

abstainer   who chooses not to vote, who never drinks alcohol

abstruse   difficult to understand

abundant   plentiful

abysmal   extremely bad

abyss   deep wide space, or hole that seems to have no bottom

accede   to agree, to become king, or queen

accommodating   willing to help, obliging

accomplish   to achieve sth

in accord with sb/sth   in agreement with

accord with sth   to agree with sth

accountable   responsible

accoutrements   pieces of equipment for a particular activity

accredited   officially recognized

accrue   to increase over a period of time

accursed   suffering from a curse, or black magic

ace   person who is very good at doing sth

Achilles heel   weak point in sb’s character attacked by other people

acme   peak

acquaintance with sb   slight friendship

make sb’s acquaintance   to meet sb first time

acquiesce   to accept sth, even if you do not agree

acrimonious   bitter

acrobat   rope dancer

acronym   a word formed using initial letters of other words

act up   to behave badly

acumen   ability to understand and decide things quickly

ad hominem   against person’s character

ad nauseam   again and again in boring and annoying way

Adam’s apple   lump at the front of the throat

adamantine   very strong and impossible to break

add up   to seem reasonable

add-on   a thing that is added to sth else

adieu   goodbye

ad-infinitum   for ever

adjourn   to postpone

adjudicate   to make official decision

adjure   to order sb to do sth

Adonis   extremely attractive young man

adorable   attractive

adoration   great love, or worship

adore   to love very much, to like very much

adrenalin   hormone produced in the body due to excitement, fear, or anger

adulation   excessive praise

the advent of sb/sth   coming of invention, etc.

adventitious   happening by accident; not planned

advisable   sensible

advise sb of sth   to inform

advisory   official warning

aeon   thousands of years

aerodrome   small airport

aesthete   who love art and beautiful things

affaire   love affair

affectation   behaviour, action to impress other people

affectionate   loving

affections   person’s feelings of love

affective   connected with emotions, attitudes

affliction   pain and suffering, or sth that causes it

afforestation   process of planting areas of land with trees

aficionado   who likes a particular subject, etc. very much and knows a lot about it

afloat   floating on water

afoot   being planned

afore mentioned   mentioned earlier

aftermath   situation existing after a war, an accident, etc.

her mouth was agape   wide open, because of surprise or shock

come of age   to become mature

age of consent   legal age to have sex

aggrandizement   increase in the power, or importance of a person, or country

aggravate   to worsen

agonize over sth   to spend a long time thinking and worrying about sth

agreeable   pleasant and easy to like

aggrieved   feeling that you have been treated unfairly

aghast   horrified

ahead of    earlier than

agog   excited

agonizing   causing severe physical, or mental pain

agrarian   relating to agricultural land

aide   who helps politician in their job

ailing   ill and not improving

air-liner   large plane that carries passengers

airy-fairy   not clear, or practical

ajar   slightly open

aka   also known as

akin to   similar

a la   in the same style as sb/sth else

alacrity   great willingness

alarm   anxiety, fear

alarmist   causing unnecessary anxiety, fear

albatross   a thing that causes problems, or prevents you from doing sth

albeit   although

albumen / yoke   white / yellow part of egg

alchemy   mysterious power, or magic that can change things

alcove   area in a room built farther back than the rest of the wall

alfresco   outdoors

alibi   evidence that a person was in another place during a crime

alienate   to make sb unfriendly towards you

she was all smiles   she was smiling a lot

all manner of sb/sth   many different types of people, or things

all the while   all the time

allege   to state sth without a proof

allegiance   continued support for a political party, religion, etc.

allude   to mention indirectly

alluvial   made of sand and earth left by rivers or floods

Alma Mater   school, college, etc. where sb had studied

aloft   high in the air

altruism   giving more value to the other people’s need or happiness than yourself

amalgamate   to merge

amass   to accumulate

amatory   related to sexual desire, or activity

ambience   character and atmosphere of a place

ambidextrous   who can  do things with  the left hand or the right hand equally well

ambit   scope of authority, etc.

ambivalent   having both good and bad feelings

ambrosia   food of the gods

ameliorate   to make sth better

amenable   willing to be influenced by sb/sth

make amends   for sth   to make up for sth

amenity   a feature that makes a place pleasant, or easy to live in

basic amenities   baths, showers, hot water, etc.

amicus curie   friendly lawyer of court

amiss   wrong

amity   friendly relationship between people, or countries

amnesia   loss of memory

run amok   to behave violently

amour   secret love affair

ample   plenty of

anaemia   lack of red cells in blood

analgesic   painkiller

anathema   thing, or idea you hate

ancillary   auxiliary

androgynous   having both male and female characteristics

go angling   to catch fish with a line and hook

Anglo Saxon   whose ancestors were English

annals historical record

annex   to occupy

anodyne   unlikely to offend anyone

anon   soon

anomie   lack of social, or moral standards

antagonistic   hostile

raise / up the ante   to increase the level of sth

anthology   collection of poems, stories

anthropoid   (of an ape) looking like a human

anthropology   study of the origin, development, custom, beliefs of human race

antics   silly and funny behaviour

antipathy   strong dislike

antiquary   who studies, collects, or sells old and valuable objects

antique   (of furniture, jewellery, etc.) old and valuable

antiquity   the ancient past of the Greeks and Romans

apace   quickly

apathy   lack of interest or enthusiasm

apathetic   showing no interest

aphorism   short phrase

aphrodisiac   food, or drug that causes sexual arousal

apiary   where bees are kept

aplenty   in large amounts

apocalypse   situation causing very serious damage

apocryphal   well known but not true

apologist for sb/sth   who tries to defend a political system, or religious ideas

apotheosis   best time in sb’s life, or career

appall   to shock sb very much

appalling   shocking

apparatchik   official in a large political organization

apparel   clothing

apparition   ghost

appellation   name, or title

apposite   appropriate

appendage   smaller, or less important part of sth large

appreciate   to realize, to be grateful

apprehend   to arrest, to understand, to fear

apprehension   fear that sth unpleasant may happen, act of arresting sb

approbation   approval, or agreement

appropriate sth   to take sth, sb’s ideas, etc. for your own use

appropriate sth for sth   to take, or give money, etc.

apropos of   with reference to

aquiline nose/features   eagle like

acquit yourself well/badly   to perform, or behave well/badly

arable   related to wheat, etc.

arboreal   of, or living in trees

arcane   mysterious; difficult to understand

archetype   most typical, or perfect example of sth

archipelago   group of islands and the sea surrounding them

ardent   passionate

ardour   passion

arid   (of land, or a climate) having little, or no rain

aright   correctly

Armageddon   terrible war that could destroy the world

armistice   ceasefire

armoire   cupboard

up in arms   very angry and ready to protest

arm-twisting   use of a lot of pressure to persuade sb to do sth

arriviste   who is determined to be accepted as a member of a social group

arrogate to yourself sth   to claim, or take sth that you have no right to

arson   crime of setting fire to a building, etc.

artifact   object made by a person and of historical interest

ascendancy   having dominant power, or control

look askance at sb/sth   to look with suspicion

asperity   harshness

aspersions   critical remarks

assassin   who murders

assent   approval

astringent   critical in a severe way

asunder   into pieces

atheism   belief that God does not exist

atop   on top of

atrocious   cruel, or violent

atrocity   cruel and violent act

attendant upon   connected with

attenuate   to make sth weaker, or less effective

attire   clothes

au naturel   in natural way

audacious   bold

aught   anything

augment   to increase

august   impressive

augury   omen

aura   feeling, or particular quality that surrounds a person, or place

aureole   circle of light

automaton   robot

autonomous   independent

autopsy   post-mortem

to little / to no avail   with little/no success

avalanche   mass of snow, ice and rock that falls down the side of a mountain

the avant-garde   group of artist, who introduce new ideas

avenue   choice, or way of making   progress

averse to sth / to doing sth   not liking sth or wanting to do sth

aviary   large cage

avid   keen

avow   to say firmly and publicly

awash with water   covered with water

awe struck   amazed, impressed

awful   bad, terrible

look/feel awful   look/feel ill

awful lot   too much

awhile   for a short time

axiom   rule, or principle that most people believe to be true

axiomatic   self-evident

axis   agreement, or alliance between countries

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