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This weird story is of a time when I was a schoolgirl. I was studying in the eighth grade. Each morning, I left from home and went to a bus stop, where I would reach around 8:00am and wait for a bus to take me to school, and each afternoon I would return from school the same way. The road between my home and the bus stop was large and busy, and I felt safe walking along it. However, what future may hold no one knows and I, too, had no idea that my school life would soon be fraught with continuous fear and, to crown it all, with the embarrassment which would haunt me the rest of my life.


It was 27 February 1972, and I was some distance from the bus stop on my way to school when I saw a young man in his twenties standing in front of the bus stopís long, wooden bench. The bench in that bus stop faced west. At the first sight of him, I felt a bit of infatuation and so having reached up to the bus stop, I decided to stand beside him to wait for the bus rather than sit down. I could feel a sort of warmth while standing near him. Then a bus came and I got on the bus not thinking whether he, too, had got on the bus. However, when I returned from school around 1:00 p.m., I would see him once more sitting on the bench.  I tried to put him out of my mind as I somehow felt I was being silly to notice him.


The next day when I went to the bus stop, I would see him again sitting on the bench. I didnít give him much thought, and when the bus came, I would board it as usual. However, when I returned in the early afternoon, I would see him still sitting there in the bench. I walked past him and having walked twenty or thirty paces towards my home, I looked over my shoulder to see him looking at me. This was my first eye contact with him. For five seconds, we held each otherís gaze, and I eventually wondered to myself why he was sitting here now, and why he had been there in the morning as well. Still I threw his thoughts out of my mind.


After that, I didnít see him in the next two months. Thoughts of him lingered in my mind, but I wouldnít say I was obsessed with him. In the second week of May, my school closed for summer vacation. 


However, on 22 May 1972, I had to go to meet one of my acquaintances where she lived near my school. My mother walked me to the bus stop around 8:00 that morning, and, lo and behold, there he was, walking towards the bus stop from the road which would run from west to east whereas the road through which I would come from my home to the bus stop would run from north to south. Thus, those roads running almost at ninety degrees with respect to each other would meet near that bus stop. The road running towards east would continue to run in that direction past the bus stop and after some miles ahead along that direction, there was my school.

I had put on yellow suit. He had put on jeans and a blue shirt. He came up to the bus stop and sat on the long wooden bench facing west that is facing the direction the bus would be coming from. I stood near him facing north, and when I glanced sideways, I saw him looking at me. For a moment, I felt a mixture of embarrassment and jubilation. I sat down at the other end of the bench. After several minutes, a bus arrived. My mother put me on it, instructing me to sit by the conductor, and left for home. After about fifteen minutes, the bus reached the stop near my school. I made the conductor stop the bus, and I got off. As soon as I started to walk back from the stop towards the school, there was a surprise for me: I saw him exiting the back door of the bus. Having got off, he glanced at me and started to walk in the same direction I was moving along, several paces in front of me. Thinking he wanted to say or ask something, I sped up so as to overhaul him. Perhaps he would understand my motivation and he would also increase his pace. He walked faster so that I could not overtake him. Soon, I was forced to turn onto the street where I had to meet my acquaintance. Still, I couldnít help wondering why he had boarded my bus and why he had got off when I had. Obviously, he couldnít have known where I would get off. He must have bought a ticket for some distant destination but disembarked after travelling only three miles. He had wasted money just to know where I was going. What was in his mind? Either he indeed had something to ask me, or else he was besotted with me and simply curious as to where I was going. I thought about the fact that I had started seeing him at my bus stop in February. Why had he been there then in the first place?


If he had some purpose, then that purpose had not been accomplished until now. I had not seen him in more than last ten weeks, when I waited for a bus in the bus stop. However when schools were closed for summer vacation and I had randomly chosen 22 May to go to see my acquaintance, I would stumble upon him. So it was indeed a coincidence. Having seen him on 22 May 1972, it eventually became impossible for me to pass any particular day without his thoughts. Days and months passed on and I started to think, he wouldnít come here anymore. But my intuition was fallacious.


It was 11 November 1972, when I came up to the bus stop and he was there sitting at the far end of the long wooden bench. After some minutes, a bus moving eastwards reached the bus stop, and I walked some paces southwards through the road in front of the wooden bench which faced west and reached up to the gate of the bus and hence he must have seen me while I passed the road in front of that wooden bench although I didnít look sideways while walking along the road in front of the bench. I got on the bus, took a seat next the window  and looked out. He was still sitting in the bench looking straight. This time he didnít get on the bus. He was not there even upon my return in the early afternoon.






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